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ISO 9001- and VCA** Certificates

From now on LiNK Engineering Group is a ISO 9001- and VCA** certified business company. The certificates confirm our view on safe work environment with a reliable quality management system. Thus LiNK Engineering Group creates the foundation upon which employers and employees are able to work safely and in healthy conditions on a daily basis. In this article you will read more about the importance of these certificates and about their contribution to our company.

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The Story Behind Our Corporate Identity

LiNK Engineering Group strive for added value in their services. In previous articles it became clear how we reflect this in our service, but also in our corporate identity we opt for quality and thought leadership. As a technical study and project staffing bureau we go for a position in the sector where the best of two services merge. Read more about the meaning behind the company name, the logo and the corporate identity colours of LiNK Engineering Group in this article.

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LiNK Engineering Group guides your journey to compliant installations

The Royal Decree of 4th December 2012 contains rules pertaining to the safety of workers and electric installations on work sites, compelling business companies to take several aspects into account. LiNK Engineering Group provides the supporting measures required, enabling you to keep the overview. In this article you will read more about the statutory measures and what the LiNK-team is able to do for you.

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Towards a Sustainable Future Together

We are faced with climate change, one of the greatest global threats to mankind and to society on a daily basis. To counter its effects energy consumption and the quantity of CO₂ in the air must be reduced. What solutions does the city of Antwerp offer with its Climate Plan? How can the industrial world meet these standards and remain profitable? And how is LiNK making a positive contribution to this sustainable future? Read it all in this article.

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“My cooperation with LiNK? Driven.”

Thanks to our enthusiasm and drive, LiNK Engineering Group may well be your ideal career partner. Together we search for technically challenging projects to which we will link your expertise. Moreover, from within LiNK Academy we will strengthen your general competences and we will build an ecosystem in which our cooperation seeks excellence and thought leadership. Discover in this article how Geert supports LiNK Engineering Group in his projects.

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LiNK Engineering Group and the Mucoviscidosis Association wishing you Happy Holidays

The year 2020 is drawing to a close. Exceptional in many ways, it was also the year in which LiNK Engineering Group was founded. LiNK has started a tradition of corporate social responsibility and supports organisations dedicating themselves sustainably to future generations. That is why we wish to support the Muco Association in their struggle against the disease by donating €1 for each greetings card we bought.

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Innovative projects require added value and guidance

Innovative projects require unique expertise at each stage. Traditional Project Staffing Companies seem to experience ever growing difficulty as they are not involved in the Project Execution Flow. Understanding the precise requirements, identifying the added value for each project phase and matching right profiles is what can make the difference


Launch of LiNK Engineering Group Antwerp

Make the world of Project Staffing more professional and pleasant with a view to corporate social responsibility is the idea which brought the team of LiNK Engineering together. Marc Rummens, who entered from Human Capital Investments, did not hesitate when he was contacted by Bavo Spreuwers, with whom he had been working together for many years.