Relevant and accurate knowledge is essential for innovative projects. It no longer suffices to complete an education successfully in order to offer lifelong excellence. Learning should become a natural part of our daily activities in a hybrid way, irrespective of where, when or with whom. It concerns a shared responsibility; one which LiNK Academy wishes to facilitate.

Digitalisation offers us the opportunity to always have access to the knowledge when required. But without the involvement of the employee, lots of formal and informal learning moments are a wasted. With LiNK Academy we will build an ecosystem based on engagement towards our employees and customers. Sustainable knowledge sharing is considered a “must” rather than “nice to have”.

LiNK Engineering

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A Career Boost with LiNK Academy

Remaining an expert requires both commitment and motivation. This does not only imply managing your own development, but also actively pursuing new learning opportunities, extending your network and knowledge sharing. At LiNK Academy we will guide you with relevant knowledge to achieve intellectual leadership. We will do so through career guidance based on the knowledge matrix that we discuss as from the first interview.

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Engaged Employees with LiNK Academy

It is our aim to support our customers, as well as their employees, in maximising their professional knowledge to sustainable develop both the integrity and growth. LiNK Academy facilitates knowledge sharing and involvement. We want to enthuse, inspire and enable employees of our customers to apply their expertise in the field.

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