Dedicated solutions

More than ever agile industries require dedicated solutions. As a Technical Study and Project Staffing Company LiNK Engineering Group is specialised the supervision of industrial projects. We develop in an innovative way and in dialogue with our client a well thought-out technical-administrative organisation chart for any type of project. Based on this approach, the technical details are taken care of by our engineers and professional specialists.

Supported by the principle of the Golden Triangle we create a unique and sustainable collaboration. Together with you we will select the most suitable approach for your project. To this end, LiNK Engineering Group invests in knowledge exchange and is closely involved in the development of careers and thought leadership of our employees.

LiNK Engineering

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Project Guidance

Decades of technical experience enables LiNK to guide its clients and create value in the full Project Execution Flow. Together with the customer we invest both feasibility and the return on investment. We analyse the technical approach of each project phase, we calculate the common project cost and define the competences required. We determine in mutual consultation which contract form is most appropriate.

Project Engineering

Opex and Capex Projects require technical support in multidisciplinary studies. We guide your study projects in all its facets, to ensure the sustainability of your installation. Our professional specialists will work out an accurate design and a detailed engineering plan. LiNK Group Engineering guidance and analysis will add oxygen to cost efficiency, planning and organisation.

Project Construction

Industrial construction is all about assembling custom-made units based on exact engineering. That is why construction and maintenance of new or existing industrial systems often entail a genuine odyssey. LiNK Engineering Group's experts monitor the “scope” in all aspects, starting from the civil phase up to the start-up phase. Our approach will grant you a head start in an efficient and professional project flow.

LiNK Inspection

Determining the integrity of industrial installations by periodic inspection does not only extend their lifecycle, it also warrants to a great extent failure of a production unit. Increasing reliability of installations maximally by periodic inspection will result in higher profitability, next to improved safety for humans and for the environment.