Project Construction

LiNK Engineering

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Why Project Construction?

Project Construction requires knowledgeable experts who are prepared to commit themselves and take responsibility. LiNK Engineering Group can facilitate this process as a specialised partner. Our consultants draw on 30 years of experience in Construction and Project Sourcing. We offer candidates in a broad area of disciplines, from (welding) engineers, maintenance experts, construction managers to prevention advisors.

LiNK is active in industrial sectors including, Oil & Gas, Petro(chemical), Pharma & Food, Metallurgy & Manufacturing, Conventional and Renewable Energies, Building & Infrastructure and Digital Supply Chain.

In addition to providing appropriate experts for your construction project(s) we guarantee the integrity of the installation. During the design stage as well as during construction and statutory periodical quality checks we will guide you with our team of experienced inspectors.

Added Value in Recruitment

LiNK Engineering Group always follows a strict procedure when selecting suitable candidates. During a personal interview we listen to your needs and discuss requirements of the project organization chart. Afterwards, we confer the entire team which engineers and experts qualify for the job.

During the consultation we wish to probe deeper than merely conducting an interview in which knowledge and project references are attuned. The expert's motivation and commitment will be discussed for the Golden Triangle to be established. Only when all conditions for successful collaboration are met, shall we submit our candidate to you.

With our approach we guarantee that you will not need to invest unnecessary time and resources in candidates lacking the required knowledge, experience or motivation.

Would you prefer calling for support during each step of your engineering project? Or would you rather hand over all responsibility? All this can be arranged. With Project Guidance we will support you throughout each project phase.