Based on a personal interview we draw your personal knowledge matrix which will give you a visual overview of your current and required competences to boost your carreer. Our training courses can be adapted to your organisations' business-critical objectives to support your projects.

All our courses will be offered in a hybrid form depending on the specific needs of the participants and course outcomes. Based on a personal participants' experience and supported by the expertise of the teachers, we offer an engaging format. When the formal part of the training has been completed, we still believe in the added value of sustainable knowledge sharing in order to achieve thought leadership.

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Project Manager

What are the different phases of a project? We focus on your role as project leader and your relationship with the client, the team members and the steering group who will ensure the success of a project.

We touch on the hard competencies: making plans, managing budget, tackling risks, etc. But also the importance of the soft competencies, such as leadership, motivation, conflict management, meetings, are discussed extensively.

Piping Designer

Pipelines offer (petro) chemical companies a safe, reliable and, above all, environmentally friendly means of transport for the supply and distribution of their products. For this reason, piping designers are highly sought-after profiles who find their added value in specialized training courses.

In this course we can start with the basic learning needs or we focus on deepening your skills to work in "Piping". Practical knowledge will be handed to read and interpret P & IDs and other schemes that are essential to set up simple ISOs and to develop pre-processed items from the sketch design.


Good work preparation is necessary to ensure that maintenance tasks are carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible. This not only ensures optimal use of the available resources, but also minimal downtime of the installations.

This training introduces work planners with basic or advanced knowledge to the commonly used systems and how to use them in their own daily work environment.

Industrial Inspector

As a maintenance professional, you want to avoid unexpected failures and subsequent reactive maintenance. These can be (very) expensive and dangerous. Such problems can be limited by correct preventive and predictive maintenance. This means that the actual condition of a part must be known as well as possible.

The Risk Based Inspection method (RBI) has been developed to decide when (parts of) an installations need to be inspected or monitored. An RBI analysis can be performed both quantitatively and qualitatively and maps the risks and consequences of failures in the areas of Health, Safety, Environment and business.

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