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Bavo Spreuwers

Bavo Spreuwers

LiNK Engineering

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The Story Behind Our Corporate Identity

LiNK Engineering Group strive for added value in their services. In previous articles it became clear how we reflect this in our service, but also in our corporate identity we opt for quality and thought leadership. As a technical study and project staffing bureau we go for a position in the sector where the best of two services merge. Read more about the meaning behind the company name, the logo and the corporate identity colours of LiNK Engineering Group below.

A community based on experience and enthusiasm

On 10th October 2020 the name LiNK Engineering Group was given its meaning: a community based on long-term partnerships, experience and drive. When analysing the name you may recognise the link between industrial projects and age-long knowledge within the team. The word "engineering" refers to the market segment in which we offer our services, i.e. chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy. Not in the least the name also hides our group feeling. Anyone who contributes to our story is a mainstay within the organisation. With our company name we put an emphasis on "connectedness", both in contacts with our employees and with clients.

A never-ending story

Marketing & branding agency, Bright Square, developed a new corporate identity which is not only unique, but which also corresponds with LiNK Engineering Group's ambitions, i.e. taking action today in order to create a better business world for tomorrow.

The company logo is inspired by the Golden Triangle, symbolising sustainable partnerships. Exchange of knowledge and connectedness between clients, experts and LiNK will strengthen a never-ending story.

“Taking action today in order to create a better business world for tomorrow."

The colours of the river Scheldt

Our corporate identity colours reflect the green-blue colour of the river Scheldt, which not only links up with the industrial chemical cluster of Antwerp, but also with our offices on the North side of the city.

The colour blue radiates tranquillity, reliability and professionalism, while the colour green refers to renewal and sustainability. They are striking colours which are in line with our company values.

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