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Bavo Spreuwers

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LiNK Engineering Group and the Mucoviscidosis Association wishing you Happy Holidays


LiNK Engineering Group is sending season's greetings this year by means of cards which directly support the Mucoviscidosis Association, close to LiNK's heart. Each year we enter into structural partnerships with organisations dedicating themselves sustainably to future generations. Corporate social responsibility is the result of values supported by all our employees. With each greetings card that we have bought we donate €1 to the Mucoviscidosis Association to assist them in their fight against the disease and to offer financial support to research.


Breathlessness, an agonising experience for about 1,320 people in Belgium. Mucoviscidosis or Cystic fibrosis is the most common life threatening hereditary disease in Belgium. Every tenth day a patient is born.

Mucoviscidosis patients struggle with viscous mucus inhibiting respiration and digestion. Symptoms may vary. Patients spend hours daily to their therapy, to treat the symptoms and if possible to prevent them. Unfortunately, so far there is no cure for the disease.

The Mucoviscidosis Association assists patients and their families. It provides information and collaborates with medical Mucoviscidosis centres, among others. Via its capital funding it also offers financial support, e.g. contributions for lung transplants. As the ultimate goal is to cure the disease a lot of its financial resources goes into scientific research.


Support the Mucoviscidosis Association along with LiNK Engineering Group! Thanks to your support research into Mucoviscidosis can be continued. Together we put a next step towards curing the disease. Will you help us make the difference? Please, make a donation, or support an initiative in the struggle against Mucoviscidosis.

LiNK Engineering Group wishes you and your relatives good health and success in 2021!