Isabel Geerts

Isabel Geerts

LiNK Engineering

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“My cooperation with LiNK? Driven.”

Thanks to our enthusiasm and drive, LiNK Engineering Group may well be your ideal career partner. Together we search for technically challenging projects to which we will link your expertise. Moreover, from within LiNK Academy we will strengthen your general competences and we will build an ecosystem in which our cooperation seeks excellence and thought leadership. Discover below how Geert supports LiNK Engineering Group in his projects.


Collaborative projects require an appropriate approach. That is why candidates for such projects are part of our network, one of our keys to successful entrepreneurship. The LiNK team has started a cooperation for a specific project with an age-long connection, Geert. After a personal interview he has now taken the job of Project Manager in the electric department of a Belgian water treatment plant. As we are curious about how he is doing there we asked him a number of questions. His answers are summarised below.


As Electricity Project Manager Geert has numerous job responsibilities, ranging from Project Management, managing designers and electrical/instrumentation engineers up to cost saving.

The knowledge which candidates need to dispose of depends on the job content. For this particular job knowledge is required, amongst others, of high/low voltage electricity, computer programmes for electrical networks/cables and Project Management. Next to that a number of personal qualities are important: the candidate is expected to be communicative, to be able to manage a team, to be stress resistant, to take initiative, to be well-organised and to act in an assertive way. Geert informed the LiNK Team that he disposes of sufficient knowledge and competences, thanks to his advanced studies and 30 years of job experience.

As you may observe, relevant and accurate knowledge are essential for innovative projects. It no longer suffices to complete an education or training programme successfully in order to offer lifelong excellence. Learning should be imbedded in daily activities and in a variety of ways, regardless of where, when and with whom. It is a shared responsibility which LiNK Academy wishes to facilitate.


As a Technical Study and Project Staffing Office we support all our candidates throughout the entire process. Therefore, we are happy that Geert was well received on this project.

LiNK Engineering Group wishes to stand out from other companies and puts a unique approach forward. Geert testifies with great enthusiasm of this special policy. In short, his cooperation with LiNK is “driven”.