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Isabel Geerts

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ISO 9001- and VCA** Certificates

From now on LiNK Engineering Group is a ISO 9001- and VCA** certified business company. The certificates confirm our view on safe work environment with a reliable quality management system. Thus LiNK Engineering Group creates the foundation upon which employers and employees are able to work safely and in healthy conditions on a daily basis. In this article you will read more about the importance of these certificates and about their contribution to our company.


The VCA-certificate started as a checklist, but today it means more than that. In 1994 VCA was initiated by contractors and representatives of petrochemical companies. As LiNK Engineering Group considers safety on the shop floor extremely important to avoid dangerous situations, the VCA certificate clearly indicates that our company complies with all safety regulations and is fully informed of safety legislation. VCA concentrates ourselves on one accepted and uniform VGM-checklist.

Moreover, the LiNK Team is now even more aware of relevant safety legislation. We carry out safe activities on behalf of project assistance, -guidance, -engineering and supervision at risky project locations, such as construction sites, petrochemical, industrial, electro technical sites, etc.

A VCA certificate offers many advantages and will be acquired by each LiNK Team Member.


ISO 9001:2015 stands for International Organisation for Standardisation and represents the international standard for quality management. In 2018 some 1 180 000 sites worldwide possessed the certificate.

As an ISO certified company LiNK Engineering Group follows official guidelines and applies an optimal quality management system. The certification contributes to our identifying and optimising important processes. Thus you can rely on our trustworthy services.

Both certificates prove that we prefer efficient and safe working methods, that we control activities and processes and that we pursue sustainability. In short, that all our activities fully comply with LiNK Engineering Group's mission statement.