Technical Study and Project Staffing Company


As a Technical Study and Project Staffing Company, LiNK Engineering Group has many years of relevant expertise. Inspired by the idea of the Golden Triangle LiNK creates a value driven alliance and knowledge exchange between clients and experts.

For a wide diversity in industrial sectors, we support the entire lifecycle from the creation of your project to the maintenance and improvement of operational assets. We analyse technical issues and link our experts to your project organization charts.

LiNK Engineering

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Project Services

Substantiated analysis and execution of your technical projects.

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Engineering Staffing

Innovative projects in which your expertise will make the difference.

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LiNK Academy

Invest, together with us, in commitment and thought leadership.

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Long-term collaboration as a basis for technical innovation

We pursue expert excellence through commitment and sustainability. We dedicate ourselves to thought leadership through progressive insight.

Committing ourselves and taking accountability for both personal as well as sustainable growth inspires us to excel and to create long-term partnership.

Future oriented, we focus on corporate social responsibility and innovative projects based on commitment and our pursuit of excellence.

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Inspiring and sharing knowledge are part of our values. We will regularly share cases studies, bring stories by our experts and pass on relevant information.

LiNK start een nieuwe samenwerking met BMW Jorssen Noord

De samenwerking met het huidige LiNK management en de voorzitter van de Raad van Bestuur Marc Rummens gaat meer dan twintig jaar terug. Daarom is een samenwerkingsverband met niet aflatende en blijvende zoektocht naar kwaliteit voor ons essentieel. Vandaar onze beslissing om één vaste partner voor LiNK te omarmen: de enige echte BMW Jorssen Noord.

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