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Theo Aerts

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Innovative projects require added value and guidance

Innovative projects require unique expertise at each stage. Traditional Project Staffing Companies seem to experience ever growing difficulty as they are not involved in the Project Execution Flow. Understanding the precise requirements, identifying the added value for each project phase and matching right profiles is what can make the difference


When I think of clients whom I have guided in the past few years, I want to create added value with LiNK Engineering Group in the entire Project Execution Flow. This ranges from the feasibility study to the return on your investment, the technical approach in each project phase, analysing the common project cost and defining the required competences. This is how I help clients with recurring questions. Do we have enough budget? Do we have people with the right competences? Who will be responsible for the follow-up? Where I want to make the difference is in personal guidance through the Project Execution Flow in four phases:

  • Conceptual Study
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering, Procurement & Construction (Management) (EPC/EPCM)
  • Commissioning & Start-Up

It goes without saying, that I will also advise clients on other determining factors. One of those factors which is not often gone into thoroughly, is the choice of contract type (EPC or EPCM). This choice, however, implies a determining factor for the composition of the project team. We discuss this composition because it has an impact on the distribution of the engineering costs and risks for all parties involved. Traditional Project Staffing Companies may find suitable candidates for you, I, however, believe that we should pursue long-term collaboration with clients based on our commitment to the project.

Back to Basics

Another reason why I should want to write a new story with energy and enthusiasm, even at my advanced age, is based upon my desire to share knowledge. I have noticed that nowadays business companies want to be ever more innovative. That is alright, yet, we must not overlook engineering basics, which may make the difference in innovative projects. With LiNK Engineering Group I will be able to guide clients through every step in the execution of their project, based upon my engineering knowledge and experience. What I definitely want to avoid is that due to lack of knowledge, fundamental working methods are made more difficult and necessary steps are skipped.

It is my conviction that any project should be approached with solid knowledge, to be applied with progressive insight to assist customers in making the right choices. That is how we can limit both cost in a sustainable manner and map risks related to pressure of time.

In LiNK Academy I will be able to share my many years' experience and knowledge with younger generations that are enthusiastically joining us in this new story. Together with our customers we wish to create thought leadership based on relevant and accurate knowledge, which is essential for innovative projects. It no longer suffices to hold a diploma in order to offer lifelong excellence. Digitalisation offers opportunities to always have knowledge available when looked for. However, without engagement of all parties involved any formal or informal learning moment will eventually be lost. With LiNK Academy I will be able to shoulder the creation of an ecosystem for both colleagues and clients. Sustainable knowledge sharing is more than ever a must, rather than a nice to have.


At LiNK Engineering Group I want to make a difference by creating a new approach and guidance to innovative projects. Here, I can share my knowledge with new colleagues and customers, to jointly offer perspectives to traditional ways of work in Project Staffing Companies in order to achieve sustainable, innovative projects.